Core Values

Farmzie is a socially responsible company looking to make a global impact through a movement which promotes local food and reshapes the current industrial food system. We\'re here to battle world hunger and we need your help.



1) Transparency

We promise to always provide full transparency (to the best of our ability) about who grows your food, how they grew it, where it came from, who handled it, and where the money went.

2) Always free for farmers

We promise to always have a free version of Farmzie accessible to farmers.

3) Farmers keep the majority of the sale

We promise the farmers will always receive the full price they list a product for.

4) Socially Responsible

We promise to act socially responsible and for the greater good of all while promoting small farm sustainability.

5) Respect your privacy

We promise to respect your privacy now and in the future. We promise to never spam you or sell your information to an outside party. 




Let's work together to make an impact.