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Farmzie Simplifies Data Entry for Veggie Compass Users


Fresh market vegetable growers that use the popular farm management tool Veggie Compass will be pleased to learn how Farmzie can streamline the data entry process by quickly and easily aggregating product sales data into one place.

Veggie Compass

Tools that Help Vegetable Farmers

Veggie Compass, a comprehensive spreadsheet developed by a team of professors, research specialists, and farming experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was designed to help growers improve on-farm decision making and financial farm planning.


Likewise, the Farmzie platform was created to connect farmers directly to their customers, while providing them with powerful marketing and transaction capabilities. The tools may be different, but the end goals are the same: maximizing profitability for farmers and ensuring the continuation of sustainable farms.

Using Farmzie with Veggie Compass

The Veggie Compass spreadsheet requires farmers to enter financial, labor and sales data, creating a holistic picture of their farm financials. While Farmzie, as an all-in-one 'virtual' farmstand, inventory management system, billing portal, and sales tracking tool, makes an ideal companion for the Veggie Compass by providing the financial and sales data needed to populate the spreadsheet. As per the Veggie Compass website:

Financial data needed for the tool can come from accounting programs, checkbooks, receipts and invoices. Sales data can be gathered from sales receipts, harvest logs, and from weekly sales charts.

Farmzie allows growers to view sales reports, making it possible for them to track their produce sales within various market channels, such as CSA, farmers market, wholesale, or retail. It can even provide insight into which varieties sold best (i.e. Roma vs Slicer tomatoes). So when it comes time to fill in the Veggie Compass spreadsheet (or submit records to an accountant), gathering annual sales information is quick, easy, and efficient.

Free Tools for Farmers

Since both programs were designed to encourage farm profitability, Farmzie and Veggie Compass are free to download and use. Farmzie's model even goes a step further with their philosophy that the farmer should get his or her fair share of each sale - which is 100%. Learn more at



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