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Farmzie Teams up with Middle School 4-H Club


Farmzie Ligon Middle School 4-H Club

Farmzie and 4-H Club Students Brainstorm ways to Encourage Food Businesses in the Raleigh Area, while also Having Fun.

Students in the 4-H club at Ligon Middle School were recently awarded a $2000 grant to plan a project that addresses food insecurity. As you can imagine, the middle schoolers started with dozens of ideas, but by the time Farmzie team leaders arrived on Monday, July 25th, the 4-H students had narrowed it down to just two: a cook out and a garden project. Well-versed in the time and dedication a garden requires, 4-H Club supervisor, Mrs. Lopez, was optimistic and supportive of her students’ ideas.

Farmzie representatives Griffe Youngleson and Samantha Van Ollefen were delighted at the progress made by the group, and were eager to hear their thoughts and ideas about the current food system. "It's very exciting to be working with 4-H clubs in Raleigh" said Youngleson, "Children are the seed's of our future, and it's up to us to ensure they grow up to understand how vital our food system is."

After some pretty thought-provoking and (sometimes) serious discussion about the business of food, talks inevitably digressed into enthusiastic plans for burgers and all the toppings to be featured during the 4-H Club cook out. The students even considered using the event as a way to showcase the courtyard they plan to use for their garden, in hopes of finding a few volunteers to help build raised beds and work the soil. “We want to invite the whole community,” they announced, “and you’re invited, too!”

Farmzie looks forward to supporting the 4-H Club's efforts throughout the school year, and can’t wait to see their ideas come to fruition - not to mention celebrate the remnants of summer with some tasty food, hot off the grill!



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