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Webinar: SPIN-Farming and Backyard Riches Open House



Thursday, August 18, 2 pm ET

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CSA's are becoming more customized. Farmers markets come and go. More and more restaurants are opting out of the industrial food supply chain.

All of this represents opportunity for SPIN farmers - and technology can help you connect to and manage it. See how in this session with Griffe Youngleson when he shows you his new Farmzie app.

Whether you are ready to go high tech right now, or just want to know what direction it is taking, join in to talk about:

  • which business tasks can be automated 

  • no fee credit card processing   

  • accessing a list of new farmer's markets updated in real-time 

  • scaling up by offering products from other farmers   

  • sales and inventory tracking and reporting 

  • identifying new links in your local supply chain

  • creating you own food hub

  • how Farmzie supports itself  

  • what's an app anyway 

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, July 18, 2 pm ET.   RSVP here.

Farmzie gives customers the ability to make purchases online from small farmers just as they would from a big company, giving them the convenience and flexibility they want while still supporting local agriculture.  



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