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Mobile App Offers Easy, Safe, and Convenient Way to Grocery Shop


Let’s face it, grocery shopping is a hassle. What used to be a simple, mundane task is now a nerve-wracking ordeal thanks to COVID-19. It’s an ordeal that’s left millions of people looking for a better way to shop. More and more of these people are turning to Farmzie to help navigate the strange new world of grocery shopping.

Farmzie is an online food shopping app. Compatible with the Apple iPhone, this unique app helps consumers flatten the coronavirus curve. Introduced in 2016, Farmzie allows consumers to protect themselves from COVID-19 by shopping from home. It's ideal for today's more discerning buyers that want convenience and an exceptional customer experience.

Simply put, Farmzie connects consumers to local food sources. Easy to use, this mobile app is a safe, convenient way to find and buy local food, and a whole lot more. Using this online tool, consumers can:

  • Find/shop vendors, markets, and food hubs
  • Schedule convenient pickup or delivery
  • Pre-order, reserve, and schedule orders
  • Receive inventory updates
  • Message vendors when necessary
  • Fully customize grocery orders

Farmzie also works for farmers and vendors, farmer's markets, food hubs/distributors, and restaurants, allowing them to offer a “virtual market” to their customers, quickly and easily. In the age of the pandemic, Farmzie is one option for food-based businesses looking for new and creative solutions to help boost their revenues.

Protecting consumers from COVID-19 is was not the original intention of the app, but it now ranks as one of its top benefits. “Farmzie is well-suited for today’s difficult shopping environment,” says Tim Will, who first came up with the shopping concept. “People don’t want to be close to each other, thanks to the pandemic. Farmzie keeps you practicing social distancing. You don’t have to leave your house to shop, touch money or exchange it, or even interact with market employees.”

The way Farmzie works is simple. People go to the website and register. Once registered, they can start buying food right away. Consumers pay a 5% fee on their orders, plus 30 cents convenience fee, which covers the cost of processing the online transactions. This helps make the Farmzie platform accessible to all food vendors, including small family farms who otherwise might not be able to afford the merchant fees associated with offering online sales to their customers. It’s a win-win for just about everybody in the food supply chain.

In addition to being safe and convenient, Farmzie is also a powerful tool for localizing an area's food systems. Locally grown food offers countless benefits. Buying local creates efficiencies, boosts the economy, provides health benefits, and reduces environmental impact.

Plus, Farmzie brings the community closer together. It gives people a chance to make a difference, and provides peace of mind for those who want to know where their food was grown.

In short, Farmzie streamlines grocery shopping and keeps people safe. “There’s only one thing that’s going to make a big difference in combatting COVID-19. That's everyone working together,’” says Griffe Youngleson. He helped develop and launch the Farmzie app in 2016. 

"As long as we're divided, we'll struggle to beat COVID-19. By utilizing innovative and sustainable solutions, our collective “pandemic experience” can become a catalyst for major changes to our food system. It can revolutionize the way we relate to food and with those who grow it. With Farmzie, we've created a powerful platform that allows everyone to work together to come out on top,” he adds.

For more information about Farmzie, visit or call 877-804-3276.



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