What is Farmzie for Farmers?

Mike with MAE FarmsFarmzie is a free marketing & business essentials toolkit for farmers.

Farmzie has a lot of features bundled into a very simple and easy to use package. Download the app and Farmzie will walk you through Setup Wizard. It takes 5 minutes to set up and we're here to help you if you get stuck.

Farmzie can help you manage your Farm and attract new customers by giving you:

  • Inventory Control
  • Customer Control
  • Tax and Reporting
  • Online Web Site Marketing
  • Credit Card Processing (no fee)
  • and more... 

For a full list of features click below:

Full Feature List

What's the catch?

How is Farmzie free for Farms?

Farmzie was built on the principle of bringing small farms together so that they can become stronger. Farmzie does not charge farms or producers, instead we collect revenue in other ways, such as our customer convenience fee. Farmzie will always offer a free version for you to use. We hope you will share Farmzie with other farms so that together we will become strong.

In short, your customer will pay a 5% convenience fee (plus 30c) on credit card transactions and no fee for cash sales. 3% + 30c of that goes to covering farm transaction costs.

Breakdown: On a $10 order a customer is charged $10.80, you keep $10, processing takes 3% + 30c, and Farmzie keeps 20c.


For helping using the app, click here to see our Farm User Guide.

If you need assistance please tap the "ASK US" button under "HELP" in the Farmzie App on your phone.

How do I get Farmzie?

Farmers must use their mobile phone with the Farmzie app while customers can use the web site on their phone or computer. At present, Farmzie only supports Farmers with an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch (we hope to have an Android version in the future.)

Supported Devices (for Farmer use)

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
If you are using your phone now just tap the button below:

Download Farmzie

 If you're not on your phone please tap the App Store icon
on your phone and then search for Farmzie, then tap install.

Customers can purchase through farmzie.com using any device.

Android version coming soon, request to be notified.

Can you trust Farmzie? Read our Core Values.